The Green Room #3


Our Green Room door is open again. We're hosting on soundcloud, so please do follow us there.

This time, the exceptional Virginie Naudillon talks to us about her character, Mounette.

As Virginie explores the history of this young women, she considers how the passions of youth survived the horror of the WW2 and its concentration camps. 

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The Green Room #2


We've had a fabulous response to the first episode of our new podcast series, The Green Room. So we're excited to bring you another audio treat - more of our rehearsal process! 

In this second episode, the remarkable Hannah Osborne talks to us about her roles (yes, roles, plural!) in our Irish Premiere of Charlotte Delbo's Who Will Carry the Word? 

We're hosting on Soundcloud, so please do follow us there.

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Welcome to the Green Room...

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As we prepare to launch the Irish premiere of this powerful play, we want you to be involved in the process. Engage with our cast members and director as we get to grips with this provocative script. 

We're kicking off our Green Room series with Yvonne, played by the fabulous Eilis O'Donnell. 

This is your backstage pass. Come on in!

With this first in our new podcast series, you can take an auditory sneak peek behind the scenes of Blacklight's rehearsals for Charlotte Delbo's Who Will Carry the Word? 

Use the comments section to be part of the discussion, and help influence our creative direction. 

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