BlackLight Productions was founded in August 2016 to develop theatre that would be built on the most diverse talents of Ireland's creative community.

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Our central goal is to grow work from challenging, critical, and encouraging collaboration. We believe theatre should be brave with form and with content, and we look forward to presenting work that stretches our collective, and our audiences. 


We've always believed that more is more when it comes to multi-media.

We know that bold scripts and innovative storytelling take on new colours when we leverage our skills across media. As we continue to infuse our theatre with cinematography, neoteric soundscaping, and fresh lighting design - we're branching out. 


We're exploring Transmedia storytelling

We're bringing our work out of the theatre, into the streets, and onto your screens.

We are excited to develop apps and podcasts that will immerse our audiences in extended narratives, and serialised screen work to scaffold the stories we tell.