The Votes are In....

wwctw review image.jpg

As we reach the midway mark of our our run of the Irish Premiere of Who Will Carry the Word?, we've been fortunate enough to receive some lovely reviews! 

Chris O'Rourke, The Arts Review

"For director Cliodhna McAllister, Who Will Carry The Word? is unquestionably a labour of love to which she is passionately committed, and in which she shows a lot of promise."

Who Will Carry The Word? never gives up and can knock you to the canvas often enough as a result of some incredibly moving performances."

"...Principal cast members Aoife Honohan, Maureen Rabbit, Danii Byrne, Eilis O’Donnell, Hannah Osborne, Paula McGlinchy, Virginie Naudillon, Yannika Frank and Charlotte Hamel are all deeply engaging, and, on occasion, breathtakingly and heartbreakingly powerful."

Laura Marriott, Laura Marriott Writing

"...One of the most singular and worthwhile theatre going experiences in Dublin this year."

"This is an ambitious production that attempts to tell a difficult story and it can only be enhanced as more and more people take the opportunity to see Who Will Carry the Word?"

"...The director and actors manage to infuse the final moments of the play with honesty and a sad beauty."

"Sound and lighting were used to great effect."

We've had some challenging comments too, but we're thrilled even with those.

At Blacklight, we're always happy to ruffle feathers, and we think disagreement is at the heart of good, provoking art. Something tells us we'll never be anything less than irreverent :-)