Out with the Old....

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"Every creative act involves a leap into the void...in the midst of a leap, there are no guarantees."

-Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares

Theatre is unpredictable. It's twisty and turny and full of bumps in the road.

A Collective's greatest gift is a cast and crew who meet these twists and turns and bumps and say 'Let's solve this together!'

At Blacklight, we're lucky to be in receipt of just that gift. 

So, while we are now in a position where we must withdraw The Greatest Outdoors from Scene and Heard 2018, we're also DELIGHTED to announce its replacement - Butterflies & Moths, by Colm Doran

Catch this heartbreaker of a show on 22.02.18 and 23.02.18 @19:45, The Boys' School, Smock Alley Theatre.